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Who We Are

At Indie A and R we are a dedicated group of professionals offering Artists music promotions through out the U.S. , Canada, the U.K. and Australia. We strive for excellence over profits Our goal is fulfillment of you goals Your success is our success It won’t be over night but it can and does happen, with your motivation and tenacity (and yes a little luck always help )It is do able . In fact the only sure thing in this industry is if you do not go for it and you do nothing , you will never make it. You have got to be in it to win it . With our assistance and attention and our connections to Music supervisors , Press , Radio , Licensing ,Opportunity’s and Industry Contacts it is within reach. It is far less likely to happen for you if you do nothing and hope to get noticed then if together we actively create a buzz and exposure for you as an artist.

The Situation:
We are not saying you need any help ,but even the biggest stars need promotions as well as A and R

The Solution:
To help you get noticed ,to create a buzz and get listened to

How it Works:
Here in Hollywood we work with television and film music supervisors publishers, record labels, and daily lists are sent to us ,letting us know what kind of music genres and types of songs and instrumentals they are looking for. When a request comes across our desk we will match it up and send it to the company that has made the request for there consideration. If they like it and it suits there needs they will contact you or us on your behalf and we will let you know.We get hundreds of requests monthly for every genre from Alternative to Hip Hop, Rock , Soul, R n B, Country, Jazz ,Instrumental ,and even Polka ,every style of music you can think of and some you can’t , we help them license music for tv ,independent films, video games, movies, reality shows commercials and we pass those opportunity’s on to you

The Result:
Your on your way with a promotion company that will help build your fan base and market your music to help you increase sales and show attendance, sell merchandise and create interest from record labels as well as licensing opportunity’s and Radio Air Play.To show you how to make a career out of your music

5 reasons Why Indie A and R makes a difference

  1. Affordable – Our membership is significantly lower than other promotional services
  2. Effective- Even if you are just starting out in the music industry , you will get the exposure you need to succeed from day one
  3. Supportive- We ensure your success while recognizing your unique situations and needs
  4. Individualized – We are there for you the Artist and your style of music and will find opportunity’s to suite your specific needs
  5. No Contracts- No complicated contracts or points taken from any deal that we get for you, we do not take any money from downloads or CD sales. you keep 100% of all your sales, unlike with Agents or Managers.